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We can’t thank Twitter enough for this amazing and truly addicting 6-second video app called Vine. Even though our team of ninjas only recently jumped on the bandwagon, we’ve already picked out our favorites to follow. These companies took the risk of exploring something new within the social media world and we have to give them props for being the first to use Vine as a marketing tool. Check out these 5 top companies rocking Vine and learn from the avant-garde Vine users how they use it to strengthen their marketing strategy.

5 Companies Rocking at Vine

1. General Electric: A Stop-Motion Video

If you search hashtags #animate and #6secfilms, you’ll see that stop-motion videos are gaining the biggest following. Even though they may take time and some skill, they’re fun to watch and popular to share.

2. Taco Bell: Market a Specific Campaign

Since Vine is acquired by Twitter, take advantage of Vine to show off your campaign hashtags and let people know about new products.

3. NBC News: Go Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes and give people a chance to see the backdrop of your brand. This is perfect for covering events, social gatherings, and conferences.

4. Red Vines: Put your Product in Motion

Show a product in motion. If you’re a food brand, don’t be afraid to play with food. If you’re a apparel brand, play dress up!

5. Urban Outfitters: Create a 6-Second Tutorial Video

Popular among DIY-lovers, create a 6-second video showing how to do something that’s related to your brand. This can help establish your company as thought leaders or experts rather than just trying to sell a product.

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