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Even though we’re artists by trade, we hate seeing people waste their time and money. The easiest way to do this is by moving forward on a rebranding project when you aren’t ready.

Here are five reasons that simply aren’t good enough for a rebrand:

1. DON’T REBRAND BECAUSE: It is a new year!
Bust out the champaign because it is rebranding time. The old collateral? We can keep the content, but let’s redesign everything, alright? This old-school approach to content creation is dead, whether or not your manager knows it yet. Take the time needed to investigate, plan, and execute a show-stopping campaign even if it doesn’t fit nicely on a calendar.

2. DON’T REBRAND BECAUSE: The CEO asked you to.
I think we’ve all been here before: Your CEO loves the color green. And so, the company decrees that green, on green, with green highlights is the new color scheme. We all may not have the chance to tell him no, but we can build a better case for why not. Unless your company is selling to CEOs, the odds are there are better people to poll. Do a bit of research, come back with some clear statistics, and make your case. As a marketer it is your job to the right thing even if it is an uphill battle.

3. DON’T REBRAND BECAUSE: You need to validate marketing’s existence.
You have a marketing team for a reason. Their job should be to create a never-ending stream of content, right? Wrong. Sometimes a new brochure isn’t the cure to a bad sales outlook. In many cases marketing would be better off taking a break from constant production. Go to sales and ask them what works in their eyes. A few months of targeted evidence can reinvigorate a swamped in-house team.

4. DON’T REBRAND BECAUSE: An industry trend needs to be included.
Web 2.0 created many design memes and in the wake a torrent of new business were born covered in cliched design. Following a trend can be a benefit by showing you are awake in a sleeping industry, but it can easily look outdated just as quickly. So when Web 3.0 rolls around try and always keep in mind “Will this look current in five years?”.

5. DON’T REBRAND BECAUSE: You feel the sole reason you’re doing badly is your brand.
Consider this an intervention – it isn’t just your brand. Look and feel sets initial customer expectations, but a business will need a wonderful product or service to survive. You should first focus on building relationships where everyone feels validated by a great output, and a compelling brand will follow.

The best brands use their visual identity to reflect their core values. When you waste your time and energy overhauling your collateral on a whim it shows a lack of understanding what these are. Stay focused. Stay Hungry. Stay Unstoppable.

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