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Google+ for business wasn’t always marketing-friendly. When Google+ first launched in 2011, marketers had their own personal opinion of it. It was lousy, it didn’t attract people, and it was useless. But Google+ has changed a lot recently by adding significant tools that can take marketing strategies to the next level.

But there are still a few false accusations about Google+ floating around, and to be honest, these myths make the Loch Ness monster look uncreative. So, let’s clear some things up, shall we?


5 Myths About Google+ For Business


Myth #1 It’s not important

Every business should be on Google+. Google+ is closely related to Google’s search engines, which obviously makes it extremely important. By implementing Google+ in your overall marketing strategy, it can easily increase traffic to your site. Just by adding a +1 button to your site or blog helps rank popularity. And if your competitors are using it and you’re not, then they already have a significant advantage over you.

Think of it another way: Google controls the stream of traffic. If it is half the success of search or documents, it’s worth the investment of your time.


Myth #2 It’s just like Facebook

Facebook and Google+ are different in many ways. Unlike Facebook, Google+ doesn’t live in a vacuum. The Google’s +1 button makes it easier to share content. As long as you’re logged into a Google+ account, you can share content using the +1 button straight from a site. When writing a post, you can edit the post at anytime – big win against Facebook! Google+ also has a great chat feature that allows video and multiple users to join in on a hangout. Google+ Circles allows marketers to target their posts to specific target audience.


Myth #3 After creating a Google+ for business account, they shall come…

Google+ uses a strong algorithm when deciding what shows up on Google searches. Doing the bare essentials isn’t enough, and every marketer knows you must take a few extra steps to make it in the digital world. In order to be successful with Google+, continue to try new things, connect with like-minded people, be social, and share valuable content.


Myth #4 Google Authorship is pointless

What is Google Authorship? Google made its name by using the number and importance of links on websites to determine relevancy for search engines. Today, Google is beginning to do the same with people. Google Authorship allows individuals to build online credibility and allow that credibility to impact search engine results. It’s kind of a big deal.


So, the most important tool to use on Google+ for business is Google Authorship. If you want to create content that people trust, it’s important to use Google Authorship to gain authority in your industry. Google Authorship confirms that you are the author of the content and it keeps track of topics discussed. By connecting your site with Google Authorship, it can help boost SEO rankings by following your steps on Google+ (who you socialize with, what type of content you share, what topics you blog about).

The bad news is, you’ll have to work harder to write valuable content that stands out from your competitors. The good news is, Google Authorship helps separate good content from all the spammers.


Myth #5 Google+ is a dying platform

Google+ now stands in the number 2 spot with 343 million users. It’s fairly new and it’s only going to become more important. According to WordPress Hosting SEO, 40% of marketers are using Google+, but 67% are planning on boosting their Google+ efforts. Now is a great time to utilize the platform before it reaches a higher popularity!

Below is a PowerPoint presentation highlighting these 5 Google+ myths. Feel free to share with your circles!

[slideshare id=27108822&doc=cndosanddontsofpresentationscopy-131011141857-phpapp01]


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About the Author: Shannon Callarman is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Cubicle Ninjas. She’s the tiny ninja behind the CN Twitter. You can also follow her on Google+.

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