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motion graphics examples

Motion graphics are excellent tools that explain complex ideas in a short amount of time. With 85% of internet users watching videos online, they can keep your audience engaged with powerful narratives and breathtaking visuals.

As such, motion graphics can be used to narrate your brand’s story and highlight the unique aspects of your products.

In order to help you explore the magic of motion, we have collected 75 of the best motion graphics examples. Here, you can truly appreciate the creativity and diversity of this medium.

75 Awe-Inspiring Motion Graphics Examples

1. Stanley Kubrick by Hyejin June Hong

For film enthusiasts, this motion graphic video on Stanley Kubrik is an exciting and informative watch.

2. Squiryl, How Does It Work?

Created by DHNN Creative Agency, this video provides essential information about the Squiryl app and how to use it.

3. Gettysburg Address by Adam Gault

Relive Abraham Lincoln’s iconic speech in this motion graphic narrated by Mitch Rapoport.

4. Follow Your Dreams

Designed by Joe Donaldson, Jay Quercia, and Gloss Creative, this shows how you can stay inspired and motivated.

5. Bing Snapshots

Column Five is known to create powerful imagery to explain simple concepts. Here, this video helps viewers understand how the Bing Snapshot app works on Android.

6. How Are Samurai Films Responsible For Star Wars!?! by Whalerock Industries

This fun motion video helps viewers explore the connection between Star Wars and samurai films. Exciting, isn’t it?

7. Jaffa – Posters by PostPanic

Motion graphic videos are a great tool for advertising, as illustrated in this video about Jaffa – a Finnish beverage.

8. 18 Things You Should Know About Genetics by David Murawsky

Are you a science enthusiast? This animation provides information about genetics and DNA in an easy to understand manner.

9. New York Times Magazine by Vallée Duhamel

This clever motion video unveils the new logo of the newspaper giant, the New York Times.

10. How Your Money Works by MuscleBeaver

Whether you know how money functions in the economy or not, this fun little video will definitely add to your knowledge in an exciting and informative way.

11. Nike Genealogy of Innovation by Golden Wolf

Want to know how Nike came into being, and how it has fared through the years? This animated graphic motion video explores the humble origins of the footwear brand and takes the viewers through a journey spanning years.

12. #Einstein100 – General Relativity by Eoin Duffy

You don’t need to go to graduate school and study physics to know about Einstein’s theory of relativity. Here, Eoin Duffy relays what the theory is all about.

13. BBC Knowledge by WeAre17

This visually appealing motion graphic relays some useful facts and figures in an easy to digest manner.

14. Japan Help PSA by IAMSTATIC

History buffs are sure to be enthralled by this video illustrating Japan in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake.

15. 100 Years–Armenian Genocide by 2viente

Get ready to be moved by this feature that commemorates the Armenian Genocide.

16. Animation for a Cause

Even non-profit organizations are jumping on the bandwagon, and using animated videos to explain their contribution to the economy.

17. Do The World A Favor

Made by Tendril Design Animation Inc., this colorful motion graphic video explains the newly inaugurated recycling program in Canada.

18. The Apple Timeline by 24 Motion Design

Go down the rabbit hole with this quick snapshot of the Apple journey.

19. A Proud History of Canadian Whisky by Ryan Paterson and Chris DeCastro

Here is a video based that explains the origins of Canadian Whiskey.

20. Earth Week 2014: Lights Off. Screens On.

Learn how to be more environmentally friendly with this powerful little feature.

21. Zombie Survival Guide

Wondering how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Watch this video to find out.

22. M-Gov Awards by Binalogue

Even the UAE Government uses motion graphics from time to time. This video explores how the M-Gov awards aim to motivate the government to provide technologically advanced solutions in the field of smart wearables and mobile apps.

23. Financial Life by

In this presentation, explains their financial services.

24. 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Looking for advice on how to explore your creative side? This video offers some solid tips on how to do just that.

25. The ABC of Architecture

Created by the genius minds of Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez, this motion graphic video showcases buildings created by some of the most forward thinking architects in the world.

26. Bitcoin Explained by Duncan Elms

Created by Duncan Elms, this video demystifies the theories and functionalities about bitcoin in under three minutes.

27. Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

This brief video showcases how Cisco provides innovative solutions through collaborations, accessibility and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

28. How PayPal Works

Even PayPal makes good use of the motion graphic medium. This video explains how the payment portal delivers secure and easy online payment options for consumers.

29. Eurika Internet Marketing

Eurika is an online marketing company for small businesses – this video illustrates how the company helps business owners create a brand name and strengthen their hold on the digital market.

30. How to Bloody Mary by Mateo Inchingolo

This great graphic by Mateo Inchingolo teaches you how to make a Bloody Mary in a few simple steps.

31. Coffee in 200 Frames

Want to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee? This motion graphic video is sure to make you a pro.

32. Sound Design: A Dash of That

This video showcases a Tumblr account in a dynamic and colorful way – indeed, these motion graphics examples demonstrate the value and power of social media promotion.

33. Connected Learning and the Pursuit of Educational Equity

Who says motion graphic videos can’t be used to educate and spread awareness? This video addresses the gap in education and ways to tackle it effectively.

34. What is Dropbox?

This guide by Dropbox illustrates how the brand stores important files in a secure and efficient way.

35. PepperFry – Kinetic Typography

Learn how to promote your business like PepperFry, India’s largest online service for furniture and home décor.

36. History of the Modern Car

Column Five illustrates the evolution and history of the modern car in this exciting motion graphic.

37. Equality for Humans by Macauley Johnson

This visually pleasing video has a simple, yet powerful message: we are all equal.

38. Visa Payment Controls

DHNN Creative Agency created this motion graphic to explain how Visa IntelliLink works.

39. The Facts about Bottled Water by Natasha Murray

This informational video explains some key facts about bottled water, and how it leads to environmental degradation.

40. World Wide Web Foundation

The video explores the functions, goals and aspirations of the World Wide Web Foundation across the world.

41. We Need To Talk About Alice

A powerful animation, this video promotes the non-profit organization Good Book.

42. Jack Daniels Label Story: “Old No. 7”

Want to know how the Jack Daniels label came into being? Watch this video to find out.

43. Wholesaler Market

This online advertisement provides information on how Alibaba functions as a wholesale market online.

44. Welcome to TalkSpace Online Therapy

Another great example of how motion graphics can be used to make appealing advertisements, this video illustrates how TalkSpace provides online counseling and therapy services to clients across the world.

45. Max’s Restaurant Online Delivery

If you’re a food enthusiast, don’t miss out on this wholesome motion graphic that shows how easy it is to form connections through food.

46. Time4Learning

This promotional video illustrates how students can understand difficult concepts, improve grades, and master the curriculum through an online program.

47. 2D Explainer Video

Tastyeat is set to revolutionize the online food industry through its easy to use application – learn more about it here.

48. The Economy of Coca-Cola by Jot Reyes

Immerse yourself in an in-depth, informational video on Coca-Cola and its origins.

49. El Ciclo del Agua by Binologue

This is an exciting video on Canal Isabell – the industry that handles the water supply in Madrid.

50. Flex Alert Program by Brainchild Creative

This educational and persuasive motion graphic highlights the need to save energy in Southern California.

51. Royal Mail – How We Can Help Your Business Grow by Hugo & Cat

This entry in our motion graphics examples list explains how Royal Mail helps organizations grow.

52. Introducing the Reddit Mobile App by Identity Visuals

Familiarize yourself with the inner mechanisms of Reddit’s newly launched Mobile app.

53. Meet Our Airline by Binalogue

This promotional video by Avianca is a sight to behold.

54. The Planets by Andy Martin

Ever imagined what life would be like on other planets in the solar system? This is a must watch for all those interested in astronomy, or the universe in general.

55. Eneco Toon by PlusOne

Watch this video to learn how Toon, an energy monitoring thermostat, can improve efficiency.

56. Why Does Starbucks Blend Coffee?

This motion graphic captures how Starbucks uses a myriad of flavors to deliver the best coffee to its customers every time.

57. National Treasures – Celebrating a Great British Summer

Learn how you can shop for TVs, sofas, beds, and other household and luxury items from this high-end department store.

58. Amazon Echo Show

A video by Amazon that shows how Echo works – a feature that connects to Alexa Voice Service seamlessly to provide news, play music, and navigate other home devices.

59. Ikea Australia Animated Video

In our list of motion graphics examples, this quirky and captivating graphic shows how Ikea provides the best shopping experience for all its customers.

60. J&J Consumer: Helping People Live Healthy, Vibrant Lives

Explore how the company provides products and services related to health, beauty and well-being for customers of all ages.

61. First Step: Childline

A serious video that uses slow-moving images and sound effects to talk about child sexual abuse and its devastating effects.

62. Pearson English: One

This explainer video by an online education company offers a straightforward and easy to understand guide on how to navigate their website.

63. Google Cloud IoT Solutions

Demystify the inner workings of Google, and learn how it collects, distributes, and stores data. The abstract shapes and colorful graphics of this video are a thrill to watch.

64. A Guide to American Football by Cub Studio

Want to learn more about football? This video is a must watch!

65. Long Live New York

This short motion graphic sends a powerful message about organ donations.

66. Chipotle’s Back to the Start

The Creative Artist Industry demonstrates Chipotle’s efforts to deliver products using sustainable and local techniques.

67. Reader by Marcus Eckert

An explainer video that explores recent updates on the reader app on iPad.

68. FanDanz App Promo by Zenzuke

This promotional video features colorful illustrations that truly captivate the audience.

69. Animated Infographic – AT&T Cargo View

Explore how AT&T carries out its daily operations, and offers consumers a bird’s eye view of the shipments as they move around.

70. Ebay Promo Video

Ebay’s promotional video offers a glimpse of the products available on their site, so that users can sift through and make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

71. BBC Three Rebrand

This informational video shows how the BBC has revamped itself, and is now delivering global news through different platforms.

72. Max’s Coffee 3D Commercial

An attractive promotional video, this shows how the company fulfills the demands of the Indonesian market by offering the best coffee around.

73. Century Roofing Video

Another promotional video, this motion graphic shows how Century Roofing provides high-quality products and services.

74. Instagram Motion Graphics Video

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular social networking services. The motion graphic video designed by their marketing teams explores the functions of their newly updated app.

75. Bananas

Produced by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger, this is a strange but fun motion graphic. Here, bananas are used to tell a story about life, and the realm of the conscious and subconscious.

Bonus: 76. Google Assistant Video by Cubicle Ninjas

Created by our very own team here at Cubicle Ninjas, this playful motion piece showcases how delightful the Google Assistant can make daily life. Need to schedule a car repair or oil change? Get it done in seconds with the seamless power of Google combined with your Home Mini!

There you have it! 75 breathtaking motion graphics examples. We hope you were able to find a little inspiration from these videos.

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Ready to create your own awe-inspiring motion graphic video? Our in-house motion graphics and video production teams are at your service!

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