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If there’s one thing that every marketer wishes for, its consumer engagement. A consumer who is invested in your content, and resonates with your offering, is a sign that you’re doing a good job.

The emphasis on consumer engagement is not without cause; engaged consumers effectively contribute 23% more to growth and profitability, compared to average consumers. Hence, it’s not surprising that marketers are always on the prowl for sustainable, high-value content.

So, the main question is; how to create engaging content?

While there are no cookie-cutter solutions, interactive content like quizzes can really spice up your content. For example, a viral quiz can lead to thousands of shares, thus, bringing in new leads for your business – while taking only minutes to create.

Take Riddle, for example; the quiz creator makes it super easy to create, embed, and share quizzes, surveys, or polls on your website or blog.

8 Creative Ways To Use Riddle

Riddle is a great way to elicit consumer data, highly engaging, and cost-effective. Their quizzes and polls may well be the best solution to increase customer engagement.

But honestly, how good are they for lead capture and conversion purposes?

Studies into the niche report that interactive content (quizzes, assessments) generate almost twice the conversions as passive content. While normal content on your website is likely to result in 36% conversions, a quiz may push this number up to 70%.

If you’re excited about these figures, and eager to experiment with interactive content, here are 8 creative ways to use Riddle for your business:

riddle quiz maker

Embed It In Your Newsletter

Your newsletter is your daily (or weekly) dose of industry-related information to the most loyal of your consumers; your subscribers. But all work and no play makes business very dull indeed – in other words, you need to add a fun element in your newsletter.

With no coding required, Riddle allows you to create quizzes and polls, and then use the plug-in to copy and paste the shortcode into a new message. Combine this with an interesting subject line and viola – you’re all set to increase your open and click-through rates.

Test The Water Before You Dive

Regardless of whether you are an IT giant looking to launch a new application, or a small pizza parlor owner who wants to open up a burger joint – market research is the first step for business development.

And one of the most crucial aspects of market research is to determine if there is sufficient demand for your product. That’s exactly what Microsoft didn’t do when it bought Nokia, and we all know how that turned out.

It doesn’t have to be a tedious process; just add a poll on your social media page, and see if your target audience is warming up to the idea of you foraging into a newer field.

You can even customize your font size, poll buttons, and color pallets with over 75 customization options available on the Riddle dashboard.

Test Your Users On Long-Form Content

Tutorials, how-to articles, guides – these are the type of long-form content that ranks on the first page of Google. Imparting valuable knowledge is the basis of high-quality content, but what if you put consumer knowledge to the test? This could answer important questions, such as:

  • How much did they learn from the guide?
  • Do they lack guidance in any aspect?
  • How can you help them overcome it?

You cannot answer these questions, unless you ‘quiz’ them. While it may seem unusual, it makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • A quiz provides an incentive for consumers to test themselves on their newly gained knowledge. I know I would be tempted to take such a quiz!
  • It provides you with valuable insights into content areas that still need more work
  • With Riddle, you can collect consumer emails, and qualify potential consumers with a drag/drop form builder with 18 different types of fields

embed riddle quiz

Gather Consumer Feedback

Despite consumer review platforms gaining mass popularity, businesses still struggle to obtain feedback regarding their products, services, or just overall brand presence.

Written reviews offer a great deal of detail, but surfing through hundreds of reviews can be time-consuming, and confusing. Same is the case with social media; the comments section can be full of irrelevant comments that make this task pretty difficult.

Polls to the rescue! Quizzes, or polls, are an option that allow businesses to elicit objective feedback, fast. Without confusing options, they usually pose straightforward questions with clear options – thus eliminating chances of irrelevant comments.

Start by asking consumers how they would rate your support service, consumer service, and product performance to have a clear view of your target audience.

Disclaimer: be open to criticism as people tend to be brutally honest online!

With Riddle, you can add social media sharing to your polls, so your visitors can share them on their accounts. The more people that answer your polls, the higher the accuracy of the results.

Jump On The Viral Bandwagon

Small businesses who need engagement and exposure can utilize viral trends to create quizzes that resonate with the audience.

I’m sure you must have come across numerous – and often nonsensical – quizzes like ‘what Game of Thrones character are you?’ or ‘Which type of ice cream are you?’

Chances are, you might have even taken the quiz for fun.

Quizzes can become viral, really quick, just ask Buzzfeed; their most famous quiz has been viewed more than 22 million times. The media news company creates 7.8 quizzes a day, and if there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s quizzes do perform really well.

quiz maker riddle

Vet Your Consumers Beforehand

Your website may be getting hundreds of unique visitors a day. But how many will convert? There is no way to segment users, unless you decide on adding a layer that enables you to judge a consumer before you reach out to them.

As 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with an organization that allows for customized experiences, there is massive potential in knowing them even before your first interaction.

Using Riddle, you can create an entire consumer vetting questionnaire that does this job for you. The platform utilizes ‘branching logic’ that allows you to show different questions to different users, based on their answers.

By the time the consumer finishes the quiz, they have provided enough information that you can use to engage them, and push them down the conversion funnel. In short, you receive a qualified lead, and the consumer receives a customized experience.

making a riddle quiz

Simplify Employee Training

Have you just integrated a new software to help streamline your workflow? Or have you introduced a new CRM to see how that boosts your sales productivity?

If your answer is yes, beware! Expect frustrated employees coming up to your office in the coming weeks. No matter how much you train your employees, they will still require time to adapt.

To start off, you should test your employees; but don’t take our word on it. Scientific studies have confirmed that testing can boost retention. With Riddle, you can provide customized quizzes to your employees at various stages of their learning process.

You can add custom images and edit them with Riddle by asking questions with visual cues that pertain to the new software/feature you are testing them on.

how to use riddle

Create Quizzes Customized To Your Business

Quizzes are fun, interactive, and just ‘one’ of things that we do to pass the time online. However, you can easily customize them to fit your marketing strategy and use them to pitch your business in front of a new audience.

You just need to design the quiz around your niche and based on answers, you can reach out to the consumer with your sales pitch.

For example, consider yourself a small salon business. With Riddle, you can create a highly engaging quiz that includes GIF images, custom imagery, and other customization techniques. You design the quiz around your business, such as ‘What Celebrity Haircut Will Suit You.’

Naturally, people will be interested in knowing whether Zayn Malik’s fade would suit them. Not only will your quiz go viral, but by using Riddle, you can integrate your email marketing software with the quiz, so you continue to extract user emails.

Once you are done, you can use the data to send customized marketing emails to your target audience. You know what they want, now is the time to present yourself as the solution.

You can do the same with any business; even a Web Design company can host a ‘Is Your Homepage Optimized For Conversion’ quiz.

The fun, engaging nature of quizzes makes them an extremely useful tool through which businesses can increase consumer engagement, collect consumer data, and ultimately increase your profitability.

These tips to use Riddle will help you make the most out of quizzes for your business. If you have more ideas, don’t forget to tell us!

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