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Are you familiar with these marketing myths? The world of marketing is constantly changing. Stay ahead of the curve and check out our handy list of the most common lies marketers are told!

1. You Will Achieve Amazing Results Guaranteed.

This is one of the biggest marketing lies. Nothing in marketing is guaranteed, not even if you throw vast sums of money at the problem. Any marketer that states they can achieve amazing results and that you have nothing to worry about is not exactly telling the truth. If major international companies cannot guarantee results from their marketing, then what makes you think that your marketer holds the secret?

marketing myths

2. Misleading Messages.

Some marketers will be guilty of producing messages that are misleading. This is a huge no-no because you should never lie with your marketing no matter how bad the truth may be. Don’t make false claims or expand on the truth as that is going to ultimately be your undoing and is able to destroy your reputation in next to no time at all.

marketing pitfalls

3. The Terms and Conditions.

Making false or erroneous claims is one thing, but then putting some additional items in the terms and conditions that changes the entire picture is very wrong indeed. This is regarded as being underhanded, so any marketing message that involves this happening should certainly be avoided or you will, once again, ruin your reputation.

lies marketers are told

4. There are Broken Promises.

Some marketers believe that promises are only important at that particular moment. However, it’s not true at all simply because breaking your promises leads to people not believing anything you say resulting in them being less likely to then want to spend money with you. Broken promises include stating things such as ‘we will never sell this at a lower price’ only to then go ahead and do so months later. You will always be caught out with it, and people will see it as a marketing ploy with them simply going elsewhere instead of buying from you.

biggest marketing lies

5. Actions that are Disrespectful.

There is the concept of the hard sell, but there are points where this can go too far even though a number of marketers would claim that this is not even possible. For example, making threats in your marketing that if people don’t buy before a certain time or it will vanish is wrong. Also, selling something at a higher price and offering a discount that you have built into the price is also a lie and wrong. People are becoming wiser and are able to spot these kinds of tricks far easier than ever before, which is why it is in your best interests to avoid doing them.

marketing myths

6. Upsells that aren’t Required.

Upsells are great for boosting profit, but there are times where it is just not required, and the chances are that you could ruin the initial sale in the process. There is an art to knowing when to push for something and when to let it go. Marketing will allow you to better understand when to upsell and also when to avoid it.

marketing pitfalls

7. Any Form of Marketing Will Work.

There is a theory that any form of marketing is better than nothing at all, but it’s not strictly true. Some marketing ideas can be counter-productive and damage your business especially when you are guilty of doing things such as not telling the truth, missing out important snippets of information, and anything else that has a direct impact on the decision that your potential customer will then make. Check over the ideas and assess them correctly or you might rue your decision to proceed.

lies marketers are told

8. The Concept of Being Able to Over Deliver.

While being able to over deliver is a nice thing to do from a business point of view, it is something that you must follow through on or you will ruin your reputation. There is no point in just saying it only to have no plan on following through with what you are offering because that will destroy trust in an instant. If you throw this in with the concept of over promising things and you still make a mess of it all, then you are going to have a real uphill battle to succeed.

biggest marketing lies


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