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Cubicle Ninjas has recently launched a so-called “super helpful” marketing activity book, The Ninjas Guide to Marketing. The Cubicle Ninjas team believes that big things come in very, very small packages. Only standing 3 inches high, this particular design firm thinks their super tiny activity book is the best marketing tool known to man. It’s most likely because The Ninjas Guide to Marketing is fully packed with creative marketing ideas designed to make you the god or goddess of marketing!

Josh Farkas, CEO and Graphic Designer, Jamie Pearson collaborated on The Ninjas Guide to Marketing. Together, they wasted precious time creating a marketing tool that is not only full of engaging content, but also extremely eye-catching. The book is designed for any marketing professional totally slacking on developing an effective marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for marketing ideas for small business or in need of slapping your in-house marketing team on the butt towards a higher goal, this activity book may just be the best marketing tool ever.

A few marketing prompts found inside The Ninja Guide to Marketing include:

OMG! You’ve Stumbled Upon A Business Genie!


Facing the Super Scary Marketing Monster


If Money Wasn’t a Problem


Having a hard time finding clients for your business? The Ninja Guide to Marketing gives you a chance to draw your ideal clients. Where are they located? What service can you provide them? Would they rock a sweet mustache? It’s all up to you!


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