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How do you bring customers to your business and convince them to use your services? Does it all depend on your offerings, or are there other factors influencing them?

The answer to both these questions is marketing — or more specifically, a technique called “attraction marketing”.

Most businesses, especially those that run predominantly online, don’t have the resources to build in-person marketing campaigns. Therefore, marketers have to integrate attraction marketing with digital marketing techniques to widen their exposure. These campaigns often replace ad spend for a person’s time. While slower to build initially, attraction marketing tends to convert at a significantly higher rate.

Attraction Marketing: How To Stand Out From the Competition

Today, we’ll talk about the latest attraction marketing techniques and guide you with tricks to master them.

Demystifying Attraction Marketing

Let’s start by clarifying: while attraction marketing is used by many reputable brands, it is also used by less than reputable brands. This is just like all forms of marketing!

Before we do a deeper dive on some of the core principles, let’s clarify what attraction marketing is not:

  • Not related to the “Law of Attraction”, where your dreams equal magic results.
  • Not made by MLM (Multi-level Marketing) scams, though some do sell this as a potential way to grow business.
  • Not only the domain of self-help gurus or growth hackers, though many use these techniques within their work.

It is a shame that attraction marketing has a bad rap due to a few bad apples, because we’ve seen it work for our company and customers. If you’re a business searching for new tactics that might work in your organization, let’s start exploring!

attraction marketing tips

Brand ‘YOU’

Your website, your offerings, and your sales channels are all substantial, but given time, many other businesses can emulate these elements. The way to draw people towards your work is to be willing to expose what competitor’s can’t copy: YOU.

“We should take care not to make the intellect our god – it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.”
– Albert Einstein

The main reason people trust your business is you and your compatibility with them. An individual’s unique story has a much better chance of influencing customers as a person, than yet another nameless, faceless organization. People are excited to follow a person’s journey, especially if they share a common goal. Therefore, capture the essence of ‘YOU’ — not the product, service, or offers.

For larger organizations the YOU can be the talented people on your team or the purpose you stand for. Giving voice to individuals within your org allows you to humanize a traditionally clinical transaction into something more personal. Or standing for something that matters allows customers a chance to not just purchase a good or service, but to make a difference at the same time.

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Know Your Target Audience

Every business works with two primary elements: suppliers and consumers. In attraction marketing, you keep the conversation going with your select audience of consumers almost every day, through their preferred channels. If you cannot connect to them, you risk not only losing sales chances but also losing confidence in your brand value.

Start by asking what your vision is. What are your passions? And most of all, which consumer group do you want to connect with?

Then, take a look at where your consumer’s interests really live. Are your customers your greatest fan because of your speed, quality, or cost? What does an average client really look like? And where does this overlap exist between what you love to do, and what people love you for?

In other words, connect your audience with something that you love to talk about. Have a point of view, one that is different from those around you. You will have plenty of knowledge to share, and that makes it much easier to lead the audience towards your business.

“I can think of nothing that an audience won’t understand. The only problem is to interest them; once they are interested, they understand anything in the world.”
– Orson Welles

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Use People To Attract People

One factor that remains constant for every business is the role of an active network. Audience size is one form of a social proof, a way people can quickly explore the value of a product or service. Building a strong network makes your brand look more authentic, increase your sales, and enhance the ROI in no time.

Moreover, this marketing strategy doesn’t even need you to build something or invest a high amount. All you have to do is to ensure customer satisfaction and give occasional incentives for them to take the actions that will help your organization. In return, these consumers will spread the word about your business and bring their friends, family members, and many others to your business.

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Create Fan Pages

Today, most people have access to the internet and are active in one or more social media platforms. These platforms can serve enormous benefits for your business. They can help you to promote your products, educate people about them, and expand your network. They can also come in handy for staying in touch with the potential consumer and understanding their preferences.

Starting fan pages is a great way to share content on them. It’s even better if you make pages on more than one platform and connect them all.

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Invest In Videos

Video marketing trends have risen considerably. Today, almost every consumer owns an internet-enabled smart device and streams product videos on it. The stats say that 65% of users watch product video before making a purchase decision. In fact, YouTube alone reaches over one billion users, with 500,000,000 hours of video watched every day!

Almost every business, including large companies like Amazon, eBay, Adidas, Coca Cola, and Starbucks, include videos in their marketing campaigns. These videos also help your website, with a 53% increase in showing up on the first page of search results.

The advantage of video is that it is flexible for explaining the benefits of your services. Plus, videos are also easy to upload and share on social media platforms.

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Get Down To a Personal Level

Customers are just humans with emotions, and they want you to treat them like individuals. So, try to provide them with a personalized experience.

You can do this by displaying them products related to their needs, dropping some personal offers or discounts, and sending them personalized messages on special occasions and holidays. It makes them feel valued, cared for, and connected to your business.

An excellent example is the Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign. The campaign featured a cola can with some popular names on them. The idea behind the trick was that when a consumer saw a friends’ name on a can, they were more likely to buy it.

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Create Quality Content

Content is, was, and will always be the king of marketing. It helps you to improve market appearance, communicate with the consumer, and separate potential leads from non-interested ones.

Creating different types of content will give you better chances of attracting leads. It will bring people from search engines to your page, inform them about your business, and also tell them the benefits of your services.

The quality graphical and motion content on social media sites will also help you to expand your community. Consumers on these sites want to know “How and why,” content will provide them the answer. Good attraction marketing will provide them the answer with a point of view your audience finds unique and refreshing.

Our thinking has always been in trying to grab the limited amount of spare time people have and always try to offer some unprecedented attraction to the consumer.
– Satoru Iwata

So, develop blogs, articles, graphics, infographics, and upload them regularly, but create them in a way only you can. Moreover, try to relate these materials to the everyday problems of consumers. Keep everything aligned to the same vision, just in different, digestable formats.

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Bonus Tip: Use Powerful Guarantees

By now, it’s pretty clear that almost every aspect of this marketing technique depends on your skills and convincing power. One method to establish this power is by using strong and confident statements. Strong statements, guarantees, and even statistics show that others have gone through this journey and seen success, so it is less of a risk.

If you’re looking for engaging ideas, check out our Ultimate Guide to Call to Action Phrases. Just be sure you’re able to fulfill everything you promise!

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The Last Word

Attraction marketing is less about interrupting people or pushing them to take actions against their will, and more about seeing customers as equals. Treat people as peers, be willing to spend your time to share your unique point of view, and invest your time in helping others, and you have a proven way to earn trust and lift your sales. So make your plan, align your content with proper customer channels, and watch the results roll in!

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