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augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps

8 Examples of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Construction Apps

Are you looking for the latest and greatest augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps? Well, look no further! We’ve put together 8 of the most exciting and innovative breakthroughs in VR/AR technology in the construction world.

AR and VR construction apps

1. Arki

Arki is an app that is available on both Android and iOS and allows people to create and develop 3D models for presentations and individual designs. It works by placing a 3D map over the top of a 2D floor plan and lets users edit shadows and materials. It also includes an option of sharing via email and social media, with everything linked together through a single app.


construction apps for vr and ar

2. Storyboard VR

Wait — how on earth could this app can be used in construction or design? Glad you asked! Storyboard VR is basically a visualization tool that also allows you to build prototypes, which means it’s useful for artists and architects alike. It allows you to pull in 2D drawings and use them to begin building a 3D model. It allows you to immerse yourself in the design while also getting important feedback early on in the design process.


construction app vr ar

3. Pair 3D

Pair 3D allows architects and designers to drop in various furnishings into their design to determine how well the space is working. This makes it substantially easier for them to make alterations to their design as they go along! So if you’re looking for augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps, be sure to check Pair 3D out.


VR AR construction apps

4. Smart Reality

SmartReality uses your smartphone’s camera to add 3D images on top of an image of a 2D construction plan. You are then able to make changes on the app to see the difference it makes on the end result. They have also created a virtual reality app where you can walk through the buildings using a VR headset.


virtual and augmented reality construction apps

5. Dalux Viewer

Dalux Viewer is an app that is available on both the iOS and Android platform. The app allows users to project a 3D model and digital drawings onto the actual construction site. This is seen by many as one of the best augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps on the market, and the fact that it is free is another huge advantage that it has over the competitors.


vr and ar construction applications

6. DAQRI Smart Helmet

While the DAQRI Smart Helmet is not an app in the traditional sense, it’s still a major game changer and worthy of inclusion on any list of augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps. This is designed to allow you to walk through a building via virtual reality to see how it all flows, making alterations as you move along.


virtual and augmented reality apps

7. Fuzor

Fuzor is another app that allows you to walk through a building using a compatible VR headset. You can take measurements, move things around, change the light level, and look at the scale of your project. By allowing you to see things from different angles, you can get a completely different appreciation of the space you’re working with.


augmented reality virtual reality construction apps

8. Worksite

Worksite VR is a tool that has been designed for the construction industry that allows people to train and learn new skills with machinery. While this is not an app in the normal sense, it is a sign that the industry is looking at incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality construction apps in a number of different areas.

Curious About Using VR and AR Technology In Your Business?

Many firms might wonder about the value of augmented reality or virtual reality for their audience. AR and VR aren’t a good fit for every business. Yet, we remember when this same conversation happened about mobile apps and responsive websites. Technology changes quickly, and those who aren’t constantly adapting to new market conditions can quickly lose ground.

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