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Have you ever walked into a building for the first time and fumbled while trying to enter?
Maybe you pushed when you should’ve pulled and the people around you all politely stare. You’re a smart person with a degree and a fancy job, who knew you’re downfall would be an office door?

Well, I’m here to blame the door.

You see most office doors are so badly engineered they trick us into using them wrong. For example:

  • A bar that you are required to pull
  • A handle that you’re required to push
  • Glass doors with handles on both sides with no sign whether to push or pull
  • Door handles on automatic doors

It so human to blame ourselves when it feels like we’ve failed. But design plays a bigger part then we’d hope to believe. We see it each day from our wacky bathroom sinks to the rollout of our biggest brand campaigns. The line has been crossed though. It is no longer good enough to be unclear. If a consumer doesn’t understand something, of any size or shape, it your job to make it easily understandable. Simplicity always wins.

A system that communicates information clearly in little time is elegant design. Now can you imagine how many doors that might open?

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