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We believe a strong set of beliefs is the key to great success. When Cubicle Ninjas first started out, the code of honor was written to set company goals, build relationships, and help keep the team on track.

Today, we’re proud to say we still stand behind our code of honor. Cubicle Ninjas strives to make a difference every day! Of course we couldn’t do it without our wonderful clients, fans, and friends.


Cubicle Ninjas’ Code of Honor


1. Believing you can change the world is half the battle

2. Make a customer’s experience one of a kind, at any cost

3. Demand the remarkable from yourself and others

4. Proactively communicate ideas, successes, struggles, and failures

5. Own what you do, don’t just do a task

6. Never be afraid to explore new ideas or confront the status quo

7. Passionately embrace the underdog projects

8. Fight for the end user

9. If someone isn’t living up to these standards, it is your duty to call them on it


We’d love to hear some values your company stands behind, feel free to comment and share!


Be sure to check out our Code of Honor presentation on SlideShare!
[slideshare id=25103235&doc=cncodeofhonor-130809155811-phpapp02]

About the Author: Shannon Callarman is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Cubicle Ninjas. She’s the tiny ninja behind the CN Twitter. You can also follow her on Google+.

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