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A few weeks back we shared our excitement over our snazzy new business cards. Time has passed.

Since then our cards have been featured in the Ever-Real Marketing Blog’s article “The 75 Hottest Business Card Designs You’ve Ever Seen!” and were also discussed in the portuguese article “Business Card: Does yours need upgrading?” where they say (according to our trusted friend Babelfish):

Closing the list, a card that breaks practically all the rules […] Cubicle Ninjas, uses a strong image and a creative name to pass a message, counting on the curiosity of that it does not know of what it is treated, to go until the site and to discover, since it has very little tracks: name, telephone, and an email for which we can discover the URL. But who to receive a card from these and not to know of what it is treated, with sufficient probability will have the curiosity to go to investigate what these ninjas walk making. ; -)

To round out the celebration hat-trick, we held the spot for the #1 business design card design in the history of the prestigious Fave-Up gallery.

And to think we’ve only given one physical card away…

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