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Virtual Reality for Businesses –
5 Great Opportunities

As technology breaks new boundaries every day, virtual reality is quickly becoming a reality for a wide range of businesses. The applications of this unique and powerful technology enable you to transcend the realm of normal business practices and use a new and innovative technique to help achieve your objectives.

Here are five ways you can use virtual reality to impact your business:


1. Show & Tell: Showcasing Products

Despite the digital world taking over most of our lives, there are a large number of customers who prefer getting a first-hand view of the product they are planning to buy. When the product is large, like large machinery, the process of giving a demo of the product, a first-hand experience becomes a cinch thanks to virtual reality.

Virtual Reality for Medical Training

2. Hands-On Experience: Training Employees

A crucial success criterion for companies tends to be the quality of training they can provide to their employees, especially when it comes to large-scale manufacturing machines. Trainees may not have access to the actual machine and factories may not have spare or training machines to give these trainees work-experience on. The best solution – creating a virtual environment that doesn’t require a physical machine, but gives trainees the information and hands-on experience they are looking for.

VR Relaxation

3. Give Them Wings: Leisure and Travel

For travel agencies and tour operators, the ability to give people an idea of where to go and what to do can really inspire travelers when it comes to choosing a destination for their next vacation. Confused on whether you’d prefer the beaches of Hawaii or Bermuda? Why not try them both out in a virtual environment?

ArchViz for VR

4. Go Big or Go Home: Real Estate Sales

When you’re in the market for a new home, you don’t want to be travelling to every single property recommended to you! So you do the next best thing – travel to your new home or property virtually – without actually leaving the comfort of your home or office. If it looks like something you might like, then you can think about taking the in-person tour.


5. Win-Win: Tradeshows

An exhibitor’s worst nightmare is a booth that doesn’t get any visitors. With the virtual reality draw card, you will share a one-of-a-kind experiences, while maintaining regular traffic flow (even after the first day)! Tradeshow visitors seek out booths that provide education and offer a unique experience — and VR is pushing that envelope. Use it to draw traffic, for information exchange, direct selling and relationship building. How’s that for an innovative approach to your business practices?

Marketing with Google Cardboard

Are you Taking Advantage of VR in your Business?

Most of our notions and concepts of VR have stemmed from the technology of the 90s, when it was a head-spinning, nauseating experience to put on a VR headset and make your way through a virtual world. To say that VR has evolved would be an understatement – today, VR is truly one of the most advanced technologies that have transcended the boundaries that previously bound business practices ever so rigidly.

VR opens up new avenues for businesses that want to give their customers a mind-blowing experience. Reduce costs and increase your client engagement by giving your trade show promotional items and onsite tours a break. This is the age of virtual reality and with some simple, powerful products, you can do everything from giving your customers an experience of your products to transporting your clients to a distant site to give them a picture of what’s awaiting them on their next dream vacation.

Professional pilots are often required to spend time on flight simulators before they can start learning on a real plane. Your manufacturing unit’s training room could resemble flight training too as your new trainees could get a hands-on experience of operating machinery – in virtual reality. Exhibition designers could actually create 3-D replicas of their designs that their clients could actually walk through.

Cardboard virtual reality

Make It Happen

Virtual reality is no longer a dream and it is a much more mature technology today than it has ever been. It provides your business the opportunity to stretch the limits and give your customers an amazing experience unlike anything they may have ever seen. After all, isn’t it time the bar was raised in your industry? For custom virtual reality apps, contact Cubicle Ninjas. We’d love to help!

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