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The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA) is hosting Immersed, a conference for content marketers, technology innovators, and professionals. Immersed will take place in Toronto, Ontario on November 23-24. Over 30 speakers from all over the world will be attending and discussing topics in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology, and much more. Founder of Cubicle Ninjas, Josh Farkas, is one out of the several speakers joining the conversation.

Other speakers include noteworthy names in a variety of industries:

John Gaeta (Creative Director, Lucasfilm), Habib Zargarpour (Creative Director, Microsoft Studios), and Matthew Gratzner (Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-Founder, New Deal Studios) will be discussing topics related to the Metaverse and other technological innovations.

Film experts will include Shannon Black Gans (Co-founder and CEO of New Deal Studios), Producer James Stewart of Geneva Film Company, and Scott Broock (VP of Content Jaunt VR), and will share the stage during keynote, A VR Film in All its Parts: immersive virtual reality experiences in Hollywood.

Senior Software Engineer at Nvidia, James Dolan, and David Nalasco, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at AMD, will shine light on the processing power and infrastructure needed to make modern VR and AR technologies work.

VR Developers and Visionaries
VR developers and visionaries who will be leading the conversation on a variety of VR-related topics include Jesse Joudrey (CEO, Jespionage), Blair Renaud (CEO, IRIS VR), Ben Miller (Senior Project Manager and Lead Interactive Designer, Wemo Lab), Mary Spio (Founder and President, Next Galaxy), Sébastien Kuntz (CEO, I’m in VR), and Dr. Jason Jerald (Nextgen Interactions).

Stephan Tanguay (Call2Action), James Stewart (Geneva Film Company), and Josh Farkas (Cubicle Ninjas) will discuss Effective Marketing with AR & VR Tools: how AR, VR, and 3D are helping to bridge the gap between what businesses must sell, and how customers understand what they really need.

View the speaking schedule and topic descriptions

Thanks to an amazing team at ITA, including Neil Schneider, ITA’s Executive Designer, Immersed is guaranteed to be a great success, and a true value for both gamers and businesses. Immersed offers an abundance of resources needed to achieve visible success in the immersive technology industry. It’s no wonder people are flying in from around the world to meet in Toronto next month!

Looking to attend? Snag a Special Discount Coupon!

Register at Eventbrite and use the active promotional code “gettingimmersed” for $200 off. But hurry, because it’s almost out of slots! Once that code becomes unavailable, you can use the promotional code “ita3dmember” to take $100 off registration. Please note, codes can’t be mixed.

We hope to see you there! If you’re attending, connect with Josh on Twitter, he’d love to meet you!

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