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44 Good PowerPoint Presentations

Tired of searching for PowerPoint Presentations that aren’t ugly?

Us too.

It can be depressing how boring most powerpoint creative is. In a world where design is increasingly important, presentations seems to be stuck a few decades in the past. That’s why our design ninjas created this series. We’re determined on exploring powerpoint examples, which just so happen to be some of the most viewed on Earth through SlideShare. What did they do right? Where can we draw inspiration for our next great pitch? And what fun themes or design techniques can drive new ways of thinking?

Series Part 1: 40 Creative Presentation Examples and Theme Ideas

Beautiful Copy & Youthful Imagery

Director Professional Focused

Chalkboard Themed

Entrepreneur Monotone

Business Blue

Arrows Up and to the Right

Geometric Infographics

Popular Movie Theme

Isometric Illustration Design

Number Overload

Classy Clipart

Animal Focused

Fancy Script Fonts

Unique Brand Design

Birthday Party Themed

Illustrated Copy

Bumblebee: Black, White, and Yellow

Expert Focused

Iconic Film Theme

Energetic Orange

Popular Video Game Imagery

Big Red Button

TV Show Focused

Flat Infographics Design Style

Picture Framed

Flat Icons

Diagonal Handwritten

Pop Icons

Design Focused

Inspirational Person Inspired

Shocking Copy Emphasis

Linear Illustration Design

Old School Business Book Cover Style

Quirky Influencer Focused


Zombie Themed

Fairy Tale Imagery Inspired

Bright Bright 2D

Business Team Collaborating

Gradient Design Elements

Top Down Imagery

Challenging Classic Branding

Were These Good PowerPoint Presentations Helpful?

PowerPoint doesn’t have to be ugly. We hope this article helped showcase the diverse ways it can be actually quite beautiful. And while beauty and effective don’t always go hand-in-hand, compelling visuals certainly don’t hurt in getting viewers excited about your ideas.

Need a presentation design agency? Our ninjas would love to help turn your vision into a piece your customers can’t help but remember.

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