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Have you checked your inbox yet? You may have received an email from Google to confirm your custom Google+ URL, if not soon. ‘Bout time! High-ranking Google+ users have already been honored with “vanity” URLs, but now they are being rolled out to the public. Now you can have a customizable Google+ address that makes it easier to share on your website or social media platforms.


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The Low Down on Google+ Custom URLs


In order to qualify for a new Google+ custom URL, you must:

• Verify your Google+ account.

• Have at least 10 followers.

• Be present on Google+ for over a month.


Say goodbye to those long, ridiculous URLs with all those random numbers. The new custom URLs look something like this: and are customizable.

You can modify the Google+ unique URL, but after you confirm it, you will only be able to change the capitalization. Other than changing the capitalization, we do suggest keeping it as is. People can can simply type “+yourname” or “+yourcompany” in Google Search to see someone’s latest activity on Google+. The unique URLs have the potential of making it even easier for people to find and follow you. Google+ has already made a huge impact with features like Google Authorship, we’re excited to see if Google+ custom URLs will be just as beneficial.

What do you think took so long to roll out Google+ custom URLs? Do you think this will have a significant impact?


About the Author: Shannon Callarman is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Cubicle Ninjas. She’s the tiny ninja behind the CN Twitter. You can also follow her on Google+.

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