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Update: Find the latest version of Guided Meditation VR here!

Cubicle Ninjas is always looking for ways to create one of a kind experiences for our customers. When we heard of the virtual reality headset the Oculus Rift we knew it would be the perfect playground to explore. While we backed it on its amazing $2 million plus Kickstarter run, we couldn’t help but pick up a development kit afterwards to build our own creations. Since then our team has been hard at work finding our voice in this medium.

Next week, at the world’s first consumer virtual reality conference SVVR Con, Cubicle Ninjas’ launches our first Virtual Reality app: Guided Meditation!

Need 10-minutes of zen? Enjoy the tranquility of resting on a beach during your lunch break. Relax on the shore while you watch the waves gracefully crashing beside your feet. Take a deep breath of fresh air, as you look up into the clouds. Watch and listen to seagulls flock in the blue sky. And for the first time ever, leave the sunscreen at home.

This is a peek at the trailer for the very first version launched in 2014. We’ve since made it much cooler!

Old DK1 downloads removed!

PC v1.0

MAC v1.0

Linux v1.0

Download the latest version of Guided Meditation VR here.

Relaxing Virtual Reality Experience


How could virtual reality be used for other businesses?

Michael Abrash, Oculus’ Chief Scientist, says that Virtual Reality isn’t just the next big platform, it may be the ultimate platform. We feel our Guided Meditation VR app is a perfect test case for Virtual Reality business applications, such as:

• Health & Psychological Wellness Virtual Reality Applications
• Virtual Tourism Applications
• Sponsored VR or Event Applications
• Educational VR Apps

Interested in creating a Virtual Reality App of your own?

Cubicle Ninjas would love to help! Call 1-888-77-NINJA or click here.


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