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AR in VR

Stickar on Samsung Gear

One of our favorite ninja hobbies is to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In this spirit, we’re excited to launch Stickar!

Tired of someone’s face? Replace their boring old head with a hilarious Stickar! Using a mixture of augmented reality via the pass through camera, built-in mic, face tracking, and all happening at 60 frames per second in VR. This Gear VR app is a glimpse into the future!

Last year we were proud to launch the first (and still only!) augmented reality app for the Gear VR called Filter. We’re excited to share we’ll be changing its name to Filtar to match a category of AR/VR app we call Facetoys. Our mission is to amaze and delight using the built-in power of these amazing devices.

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  • Spice up reality with 150+ Stickars.
  • Replace someone’s head with a monster, goddess, animal, or more.
  • Play dress up using wacky accessories.
  • Use with your fav YouTube or TV stars.
  • Stream live Stickar video to Facebook.
  • Experience the power of Augmented Reality on your Gear VR.

Stickar is now available for free on the Oculus Store for the Gear VR!

Sentient Stickar pack for Gear VRMystic Stickar Pack for Gear VRMonster Stickar PackStickar

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