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The Facebook business page is like the grandfather in the social media family tree. If it’s still your number one platform to promote new content, it might be time to give your social media marketing strategy a makeover. When it comes to marketing in the digital age, it’s important to always research the latest trends, especially in social media.

Here’s Why

Recently, Facebook algorithm is becoming more of a challenge for marketers. It once was a free service, but it really isn’t free anymore. Facebook strategist and the author of Facebook for Dummies, Amy Porterfield, states “it pays to play” meaning you must pay for Facebook advertising to promote your page.

Facebook algorithm only allows an average of 10% of your fans to see your posts on their news feed, so without Facebook advertising, your Facebook content doesn’t stand a chance. It might be time to ditch the Facebook business page for good.

Smart marketers are realizing that using Facebook business page as strictly a “fan” page is more effective. It’s still a great platform to let loose and have fun with your fans. Updating it with playful content that doesn’t necessarily fit other social media platforms is starting to become a favorable strategy. For instance, you’re more safe to post a grumpy cat meme here.

However, if it starts to become difficult to keep up with your Facebook business page, don’t be afraid to drop it! With all these new social media marketing platforms like Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest, there are more options for you that better fit your company.

“Facebook is so lame”

facebook demographic users

If your company’s target market focuses on a younger demographic, don’t assume that Facebook is the “cool” hangout anymore. Mashable recently posted an article (opinion section, the views are those of the author, not Mashable) related to 13-year-olds losing interest in Facebook. With so many other social media platforms, Facebook is becoming less trendy. The younger generation are hanging out on new – more visually focused – social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Product or Service

A Facebook business page was once an incredible tool for both product and service. Today, it seems that Facebook is more beneficial for company’s selling a product – maybe even local businesses – that have something tangible to offer like coupons, freebies, and “visit and save”-like offers. Services like consultations, advertising, and other businesses that are strictly B2B don’t really benefit from Facebook other than keeping in touch with fans and clients on a more friendly level.

The Good News

google plus pages

Google+ may not be everyone’s personal favorite at the moment, but it’s about to take Facebook’s number 1 slot with 343 million users. If you want to stay on top of the game, you must make friends with Google+.

Here are a few – really good – reasons why:
Google Authorship – Google’s algorithm uses authorship to rank highly valuable content.

  • More customizable than Facebook – More options to enhance your business page that best fits your company’s goals.
  • Doesn’t live in a vacuum – Easier for people to stumble upon a Google plus page than a Facebook business page organically.
  • What are your thoughts on Facebook as of today? Comment below to share!

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