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Happy Friday! Any big plans for the weekend? The Summer is almost over and there’s still so much to do. Make sure to get out there and enjoy the fresh air.

But it’s not 5pm yet! So here are some awesome things to get you through the last hours of the work week…


This Week in Design


Designers imagine what Yahoo’s new logo will look like.

Designing user interface for your mother.

Graphic designer challenges herself to 100 logos in 100 days.

5 key principles for better web development.

Hey! Did you know we’re on SlideShare? Click here to check out our latest presentations and infographic!

The top 8 apps for team collaboration.

Jobs comes out today! Check out the movie on Instagram.

The X-Men reimagnined as medieval characters.

Introducing Sass and Compass.


Have you been keeping up with Jessica Walsh’s 40 days of dating project? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


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About the Author: Shannon Callarman is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Cubicle Ninjas. She’s the tiny ninja behind the CN Twitter. You can also follow her on Google+


[Image Source: GREYdesigns]


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