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Design inspiration can be found in some truly odd places like dressing greek sculptures in hipster clothes, creating a “Dumb Ways to Die” animation video as a public awareness announcement, or handing over a 14,000 square foot building to a bunch of creative people. Pretty sure the world of creativity has gone mad this week, but that’s totally okay with us!


Isn’t that the cutest picture ever? See the little gremlins in action in this rail safety animation video created for Metro Trains in Melbourne. It recently won 2 awards on the first day at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Warning! It’s extremely catchy.

DesignerMX is a plethora of design inspiration. You can seriously find anything here from poster design>to spotify playlists>to videos.

Want to become the next ninja of design? Here are 5 tips to improve graphic design skills.

Video finally comes to Instagram! But what’s going to happen to Vine?

Likeable’s Dave Kerpen writes on LinkedIn: “8 Ways to Inspire Yourself at Work”.

Greek sculptures dressed up like hipsters…why not?

This is what happens when you hand over 14,000 square foot building to a group of creative people.

And this blog, ISO050 is really nice on the eyes.

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