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Seamless Transitions

While hardcuts are just as popular, seamless transitions further immerse the viewer into the narrative. This sample from Lincoln: Luxury Uncovered is a great example of how to move the story through multiple transitions focused around a circular shape.

Frame Animation

Within motion graphics, we’ve seen a big surge in hand-drawn illustration. Taking this one step further, animators have added an element of personality through hand-drawing their pieces frame by frame. There’s no arguing that the process is painstaking, but the result is irrefutably one-of-a-kind. This example from Art is Theft is a great example of this unique aesthetic.

The Rise of 360 Video

GoPro rigs and designated 360 cameras are flooding the market and giving film makers the tools to capture the world around them more than ever. Viewers are now free to explore anything from racetracks to the deep blue sea and everything inbetween. All of this is taken at true-to-life scale, adding to the immersion of the piece.

I Spy a Tripod!

It’s natural, when viewing 360 video, to look down at your feet to get better context of where you are. It isn’t natural to look down and see tripod legs under your feet. We’ve come across plenty of videos that were beautiful and engaging until you look down and see what could easy be painted over and hidden in post. As the medium propels forward, the lack of polish will become more and more apparent, even to the untrained eye.

Flat Made 3D

Following along with print, web, and application design, the flat aesthetic has made its way to motion graphics and animation. This piece from Style Frames Opening Title shows how current illustration trends are brought to life through 3D animation and color.

Takeaway: As illustration in design continues to gain traction, the desire for more personable, charming animation will follow suit.

The Next Dimension

Film makers and animators have taken to 360 video and virtual reality to take a traditionally 2D medium and immerse the viewer in a handcrafted world. The success of films like Invasion! are undeniable and are a testament to how tomorrows films with happen AROUND you, not in front of you.

Takeaway: Quick to adopt the newest tech, film makers are always looking for new ways to tell their stories. VR and 360 video give them the tools they need to accomplish a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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