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Hero images have made their way to presentation design. Largely inspired by web design trends, these slides rarely house in-depth information and instead act as a dynamic backdrop to the presenter for visual interest and impact.


Presentation design is all about making information easier on the eyes and easier to understand. Infographics combine the best of both worlds – blending data with design for a display that elevates the presentation’s quality and success.


Gone are the days of text-heavy slides and boring bullets. In 2016, we saw key messages presented big and bold without the extra weight of body-copy text. This keeps the audience’s attention on the presenter rather than attempting to read the slide behind them.


Need we say more? Cringe-worthy stock photos instantly delegitimize the professionalism and authenticity of the presentation, its message, and potentially its presenter as well. If the era of clip-art is dead, the era of bad stock photos needs to go the same route in 2017.


Font-mixing can be a beautiful thing. It can also be a poorly designed distraction that detracts from the look and message of the overall presentation. The use of more than two or three fonts per presentation should be approached with careful thought and consideration.


At Cubicle Ninjas, we love memes. Really, we do. Just not in professional presentations. The quickest way to distract and disrupt from the flow and style of a presentation is to insert a meme. However humorous and relatable it may be, it cheapens the message and should be avoided in 2017.


In 2017, brands are embracing a more authentic, personal image to draw in consumers and create appeal. This shift in messaging will impact presentation design as well. Expect to see carefully crafted stories that focus on humanizing companies and creating empathy rather than just reporting numbers.

Takeaway: Effective brand identities are shifting and presentation design is soon to follow. We believe establishing a clear and interesting story that appeals to the audiences’ pathos is paramount to a successful presentation.

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