2018 Conference

SIGGRAPH is a world-famous, international computer graphics conference featuring the latest innovations in CG, animation, VR, games, digital art, mixed reality and emerging technologies. Since the 1970s, this annual five-day event has been the destination for some of the greatest minds in the computer graphics world, including Disney Imagineers and Pixar animators. For the 45th exhibition to be held in Vancouver, Cubicle Ninjas was given the honor of conceptualizing and creating the SIGGRAPH 2018 theme and brand identity from scratch.

Inspired by the desire to celebrate the past, present, and future of SIGGRAPH, we coined the tagline “GENERATIONS” to inform the conceptual and visual theme for the 2018 conference. From there, our team created three unique visual identities to present to the SIGGRAPH committee and conference chair. These design concepts are based on a fusion of traditional folk art and moiré patterns, a reference to both the generative nature of computer graphics as well as the broad expansion of knowledge through time from generation to generation.

From The Ground Up

Strategy & Research

Cubicle Ninjas also assisted in brand strategy for SIGGRAPH. We delved deep into the structure of the site, rebuilding the navigation to make for a better user experience and improve SEO results. Our research and strategy assistance touched on every aspect of the conference, unlocking new ways to improve how it was marketed and how it engaged users.