2019 Conference

For 2019, SIGGRAPH chose the conference theme “thrive”. The overarching message of the 2019 conference revolved around creating a place where a diverse group of global innovators could get together, recharge, and reboot. To bring this theme to life, they needed a full design and branding suite, including logo design, a custom website, preview videos, and an extensive suite of marketing materials.

Cubicle Ninjas worked through every step of the process to build a comprehensive suite of creative materials. Starting with brand consultation and moving through design, video production, website development, and ongoing technical and creative support, we helped bring the conference chairs’ vision to life.

Building off of the success of the 2018 conference, SIGGRAPH 2019 featured striking and memorable brand designs, a powerful website, and a full suite of exciting merchandise and promotional materials.

From The Ground Up

Strategy & Research

Cubicle Ninjas also assisted in brand strategy for SIGGRAPH. We delved deep into the structure of the site, rebuilding the navigation to make for a better user experience and improve SEO results. Our research and strategy assistance touched on every aspect of the conference, unlocking new ways to improve how it was marketed and how it engaged users.