Advanced Clinical

Web Initiative

Advanced Clinical had a series of websites that had been developed on different platforms that were outdated and difficult to manage. With the help of Cubicle Ninjas, they embarked on a website redesign project.

During our kickoff call, Advanced Clinical was adamant they did not want to feature corny stock photography of stethoscopes and fake doctors in fake labs. This was something they saw all of their competition doing and they wanted to stand out. Their services also extended beyond medical capabilities, and they wanted to get that point across in the visuals on their website. They were interested in the idea of featuring cities and high-rise architecture as a metaphor for elevating their clients – building higher, and always looking to new horizons.

Cubicle Ninjas worked together with Advanced Clinical to create a custom website that was functionally intuitive and emotionally impactful. We also helped move all of their websites onto the WordPress platform. The new website had its own unique site map that was designed to fit intuitively with their other websites, all while maintaining its own visual identity.

Combining Assets

Before & After

Advanced Clinical used their new website to promote their brand, all while saving time and effort by bringing all of their websites under a single, easy-to-use WordPress platform.