Experience Venice

How do you capture the beauty, wonder, and serenity of Venice? A picture won’t do it justice — and neither will a video. To get the full experience, you need an immersive virtual reality experience.

ADVENTVRE is an all-encompassing travel experience to Venice, Italy. While exploring canals and alleyways, users enjoy over an hour of narrated content in the form of bite-size cultural and historical interactions. By tapping into virtual reality to make leisure-based travel more accommodating and accessible to the masses, our team has discovered a whole realm of possibilities for educational entertainment.

ADVENTVRE is a popular hit on virtual reality platforms, delighting users and bringing the splendor of Venice to people around the world.

Forever Innovating

The Ninja Difference

If you’re going to make a tourism act, you’ve got to do it the right way. That means boots on the ground. We took our camera crew all the way to beautiful Venice to record hours of unique original content, exploring the wonders and secret treasures of La Serenissima firsthand. That’s the Ninja Difference.