Alexian Brothers Health System

Innovation Presentation

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

Alexian Brothers Health System had a vision: In the midst of huge health care reform and other industry-wide changes, they would position themselves as a true innovator and leader. To do that, they needed to design a presentation around six fundamental narratives in the health industry, including the rising cost of healthcare, the increase in retail medicine, and the importance of growth.

In exploring these narratives, Cubicle Ninjas built a truly innovative presentation, echoing the theme of innovation within the story itself. The finished presentation is an all-encompassing multimedia experience, incorporating sound design, music, photography, maps, and animated infographics to create a truly immersive story.


Before & After

Armed with a dazzling presentation on innovation in a time of massive change, Alexian Brothers Health System was able to position itself as a true leader in the industry.