Business Consulting Firm

Web Initiative

A leading strategy execution consulting firm came to us with a big challenge: they needed to completely revamp their website, building a brand new visual and brand style from the ground up. We were happy to help! Doing a full website rebuild is a demanding project, but it also provides an opportunity for unlimited creativity and brand consistency.

We brought the company’s core brand elements to life with a full-page slider that changes scenes with each section, creating a modern, interactive experience that embodies their passion for navigating the human struggle of change. The vibrant gradient backgrounds are paired with cutout imagery of diverse individuals representing the company’s consumer base. The opening section introduces the company and uses dual call-to-action buttons to immediately allow users to explore the core offerings of the organization. Each section is a fresh experience for the user and provides valuable information about the website’s main pages in a highly visual, easily digestible way. The blog roll is styled as a modular grid, using compelling, human-centric imagery as a focal point of the section. The homepage is capped with a contact section, using a form to give visitors the opportunity to reach out without having to navigate to the Contact Us page.

Focused on expression

Bold Color

This website created a lasting impression of the company, its culture, and its brand identity. Using a bold homepage that infuses color, people-focused imagery, and a daring structure, the final website creates a cinematic experience that feels ultra-modern, sleek, and cutting-edge — exactly what their potential clients are looking for in a consulting partner!