Combating Terrorism Center

Web Initiative

In response to a growing need for first-rate education in intelligence and counterterrorism, the United States Military Academy at West Point established the Combating Terrorism Center. The CTC would serve as a centralized hub for learning and information in this ever-expanding field of research.

Layout & Legibility

Before & After

To bring this to life, the CTC called upon Cubicle Ninjas to use our design and development skills to fix their fragmented brand and website. We jumped right into action, rebuilding a brand that had both traditional roots as well as a clear focus on the future.

Responsive design

Mobile Friendly

The Combating Terrorism Center now has a strong brand presence across both web and print-based projects. With a streamlined and refreshed brand identity, the CTC shows that you can do important work that is also visually appealing and easy to navigate.