Consulting Company

Web Initiative

Consulting companies face an interesting challenge when designing their website. Because of the service nature of their business, they can’t sell their product online. Instead, their web presence needs to generate interest, put forward a sense of professionalism, and create a general appealing aesthetic to set their brand apart from the competition.

Cubicle Ninjas has tons of experience threading this particular needle and designing bold website concepts that achieve these unique goals. In this design, we built a layout using overlapping elements and refined type treatments for a sophisticated yet approachable look. The homepage opens with a rotating GIF of portraits, emphasizing the company’s focus on people and elevating the employee experience. In the background, the brand’s gradients slowly shift for a dynamic, captivating introduction that represents the full scope of the brand’s identity.

Focused on humanity

Bold Imagery

Using bold, human-centric imagery that focuses on diversity, authenticity, and emotion, this website highlights the company’s dynamic clientele and tells the story of their collaborative success. By appealing to users’ desire to see themselves represented in the media they consume, this website generates a deep emotional response and enhances brand trust. Bright colors are used in contrast with small subheadings, delicate lines, and elegant call-to-actions. Overlapping pieces of text and color blocks help guide the user through the page, connecting each section for continuous storytelling that creates a one-of-a-kind grid setup for a highly custom look. Animation provides another layer to the website, creating a unique user experience while maintaining a dynamic edge.