Diners Club International

Product Construct

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

Diners Club needed to build out a system that they could use to promote their products and existing franchises, as well as a presentation to showcase its features. This product would include sell sheets and a custom container that matched the unique visual style of their overarching campaign. It was up to the Cubicle Ninjas to create all of these elements while also creating visually captivating brand that would extend throughout all the campaign components.

Cubicle Ninjas began thoughtfully developing various product constructs that could contain all the printed pieces of collateral. The team landed on a two drawer container to be shipped to DCI prospective and existing customers and a folder for members of their sales team. We came full-circle with their package design by carefully creating container and folder dielines.

Intro Section

Headline Text

With a beautiful, cohesive brand for their product constructs and accompanying materials in hand, Diners Club was able to launch a successful marketing campaign.