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Branding & Website

Encompass wanted to update and modernize their brand through a comprehensive rebranding effort. As a leader in the communications and training industry, they wanted a new brand that captured their decades of experience as well as their commitment to cutting-edge learning technology.

After conducting extensive market and brand research, we created a stunning new logo that combines dynamic structure and uniformed line work to create a maze-like mark. This visual treatment results in pathways that lead the viewer’s eye to the “e” at the center of the mark. By utilizing a maze as our subject matter, we create a story of tests and accomplishments, tying directly into Encompass’s mission and value proposition. The resulting brand aesthetic is methodological, modern, and refined form of storytelling with a dynamic character.

We also selected a typeface that used strong curves and structured strokes to mirror the look of the logo, and a color palette that combines warm and cool colors to create a pleasant and energetic overall feel.

Our efforts also extended to building a branding website to ensure that the Encompass team had access to all brand materials and guidelines in a simple, easy-to-access format.

Fully branded

eLearning Template

Encompass wanted to create a fully-rounded, eModule template that was on brand and felxibile enough to use for many uses cases from, pitching services to a training tool. The end result was a well designed eModule that is visually captivating, emotionally engaging, and fully branded.

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Before & After

Encompass used their new branding style and website to bring a clean and modern feel to all of their materials, drawing in the attention of their viewers while projecting a sense of professionalism and dynamism.