Fox Corporation

HTML Emails

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

Fox Development needed to design a wide range of email communications that would inform employees of workshop classes and webinars, but they wanted to make sure they were doing it in a fun and exciting way that wouldn’t cause the recipients to tune out or lose interest. As the internal training and workshop program at FOX, it was critical to get across their focus on improving employee communication and leadership skills.

Cubicle Ninjas worked hard to capturing the energy of the FOX brand while working within the constraints of HTML coding. A clearly established hierarchy seamlessly guides users through the content, while impactful calls to action encourage interaction and participation. The overall design puts a fun spin on a typically corporate message and wholly encompasses FOX’s spirit both visually and conceptually.

The emails were a big success! By breaking out of the box of typical corporate messaging, Fox Development was able to strengthen their messaging and communication and brighten up people’s days.