Lamaze International

Web Initiative

For years, Lamaze International maintained two distinct websites – one for parents and one for professionals. One of the key recommendations from a recently completed branding initiative was to create a single website that unifies all three of Lamaze’s key audiences: expecting parents, childbirth educators, and healthcare professionals.

Cubicle Ninjas got to work building a new website that tied these three key audiences together while maintaining Lamaze’s new brand strategy, including a deep dive into SEO, Google Analytics, a thorough competitor Analysis, and a full brand audit. With this market research in hand, we were able to craft a new now that allows each audience to select the content that is most relevant to them, delivering targeted information while keeping everything together under a single website.

One of our biggest challenges was site architecture. The original Lamaze website had no form of content tracking, so whenever their team couldn’t find a page, they would just create a new one. This resulted in thousands of pages with no connection to the site’s navigation, much of it duplicate information. Because none of the pages were purposefully linked to anything, nobody knew what existed or where to access it.

To tackle this, we preformed a massive site audit. We went through every single page on the site and documented the persona it was targeting and the type of content it contained. From there, we organized the content and created a huge content system that worked all of those pages into a new site map, specifically listing where the content from each page would live within our new structure. We went from a couple thousand pages to a couple hundred pages by consolidating content, combining duplicate pages, and removing dead-ends.

Attracting Customers

Before & After

Using this new single website backed by extensive market research, Lamaze International was able to more effectively drive customers to a single resource point while delivering relevant information to all of their audiences.