Medical Staffing Network is one of the largest providers of temporary nursing jobs in the country. Over 40,000 healthcare professionals have used MSN to find positions in more than 7,500 facilities in the United States.

When Medical Staffing Network decided to update their brand guidelines and overhaul much of their marketing collateral designs, they turned to the team at Cubicle Ninjas and drew on our extensive branding experience. We began by implementing a visual swoosh motif, conveying a sense of motion and reinforcing MSN’s position as a company that prides itself on its view towards the future while building on a foundation of what’s come before. This is a reflection of the medical industry itself, as it moves to embrace new methods and technologies that refine historical precedents.

The colors and shape of the swoosh reflect the arched component of Medical Staffing Network’s logo, and the swoosh motif offers a range of visual possibilities for image backgrounds, textural elements, and layered compositions, while maintaining a connection to the larger MSN brand. This has allowed us to design dozens of print pieces, online marking collateral, and trade show imagery for Medical Staffing Network, allowing each distinct piece to branch out from the parent brand while maintaining a strong connection to MSN’s visual identity.