Branding Initiative

Mary O’Connor & Company had an aggressive growth plan, and needed a partner to manage all phases of this top-to-bottom marketing campaign. As a leader in the event management industry for over 20 years, Mary O’Connor wanted to build a marketing campaign that emphasized their commitment to partnering with brands to create mind-shifting, crowd-thrilling, ROI-inducing events.

Cubicle Ninjas deployed all of its resources to bring this branding initiative to life. We conducted extensive market research and collaborated on a winning brand strategy. We designed a beautiful and eye-catching color palette and worked on creating a new and refreshed brand voice. And our services extended to rebuilding their website, designing presentations and other print collateral, and spearheading their marketing and analytics efforts.

With a refreshed brand, Mary O’Connor and Company is poised to make it’s aggressive growth plans a reality, all while having a trusty marketing partner guiding the way.