NYX Professional MakeUp

Impossibly NYX VR Experience

The goal was pretty simple — find a way to let people experience the impossible.

Partnering with Samsung and L’Oréal, Cubicle Ninjas dreamed, designed, and developed a revolutionary virtual reality application for NYX Professional Makeup. The experience allows users to receive a custom makeup consultation as well as meet their favorite social media influencers for a beauty tutorial unlike any other. Featuring the first VR light field technology of its kind, dynamic 360 environments, and choice-based interactions, Impossibly NYX is a truly innovative and unique addition to the virtual reality retail space.

The Impossibly NYX VR experience was a hit in numerous NYX retail stores, attracting attention and giving users a one-of-a-kind chance to meet with some of their favorite social media influencers.

Forever Innovating

The Ninja Difference

We found a way to make this more than just a fun experience for the user — we also made it a valuable selling opportunity for the store!

Since users gave their phone number (and permission to contact them for marketing purposes) during the sign-up process, we programmed the experience to send them a text message a few minutes after they completed the tutorial. In the message, the influencer they had just taken the tutorial from thanked them for their time and gave them an exclusive discount coupon for the products that had just used.

This provided a great opportunity to use the unique VR experience to promote sales, and gave users an opportunity to re-create the look they just saw at home. Win-win!