Product Showcase


Scope of Work

Making It Happen

You have a great product that you want to build excitement for. But how do you do that? Sure, you can do product photography or make a video of someone using it, but a lot of times those traditional methods won’t be able to capture the power, wonder, and excitement of how your product.

One way to bring your product to life is through 3D animation. To show the power of this technology, Cubicle Ninjas built a product showcase video for a speaker system, using advanced 3D modeling and animation techniques to show the high-energy music rippling through a shimmering ball of liquid mercury. The end result is a compelling video that shows more than just what a project looks like, it also captures how it can make you feel.

This pulse-pounding product showcase video is just one example of what 3D animation can do to connect with viewers and create an emotional experience.