Red Bull

Product Presentation

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

Red Bull had big plans for its annual presentation. They wanted to create a dynamic, engaging, and memorable multimedia experience that reflected the energy of its brand. As a well-known lifestyle brand and a true cultural innovator in sports, music, performance, art, festivals, motor events, and beyond — that was a big task!

Moving far beyond simple data representation, Cubicle Ninjas crafted dozens of highly illustrative and photographic slides, drawing on Red Bull’s incredibly vast image archive for inspiration. To dramatically convey the kinetic nature of the Red Bull lifestyle, a majority of the slides were fully animated, incorporating motion graphics, dynamic infographics, and full-screen video backgrounds.

Breaking the Barrier

Before & After

Red Bull was able to truly elevate their annual report, transforming an already action-packed presentation into a project that truly transcended the PowerPoint medium.