Reelhouse VR

Gear VR App

Reelhouse needed to design a stunning and intuitive interface for its VR-based video sharing platform. Reelhouse is an online video community that gives filmmakers the freedom to distribute content directly to their viewers, and their latest focus was on delivering virtual reality content in an elegant and beautiful way.

Cubicle Ninjas set to work — dreaming, designing, and building the entire interface. The finished result expertly blends VR-specific UI/UX design with sleek, vibrant visuals for an experience as cinematic as the films themselves!

Reelhouse was able to bring its brand into a virtual reality space, enhancing their existing visual identity to make an optimal impact.

Forever Innovating

The Ninja Difference

We built the Reelhouse VR player to last. By integrating the player with their API, the player app was able to seamlessly access the latest available content without needing an app update. For users, that meant a one-stop shop to access all of their favorite content as soon as it went live!