St. Regis

Summit Presentation

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

St. Regis needed to create a presentation that went beyond the traditional aesthetics of luxury hospitality. As a branch of Starwood Hotels, an industry leader in the world of luxury hotel resorts and accommodations, St. Regis wanted to transform the brand’s message and visual strategy and deliver a design that was modern, vibrant, and fun.

Cubicle Ninjas used dynamic animation as a centerpiece of the presentation — not only as an aesthetic enhancement, but as as a practical way to better guide users through the brand’s story. Each slide contains multiple layers of motion effects that help users navigate through the presented information and focus on the core message.

Showing Off the Brand

Before & After

St. Regis used their new presentation to showcase their brand — infusing color, motion, and bold typography into a streamlined layout for a striking yet elegant look.