AR Application

Tired of someone’s face? Replace their boring old head with a hilarious Stickar! This revolutionary virtual reality application uses a mixture of augmented reality via the pass through camera, built-in mic, and face tracking – all happening at 60 frames per second in VR. This Gear VR app is a glimpse into the future!

Cubicle Ninjas animated over 150 stickers across 5 categories for an experience as dynamic as it is fun! And with the option to stream live Stickar video to Facebook, this application is the perfect experience to share with friends. Stickar the world!

Forever Innovating

The Ninja Difference

We’re always at the forefront of new technology — StickAR was the second consumer Mixed Reality app ever created (we also created the first one — not that anyone’s counting!)

With any emerging technology, there are always technical limitations that you need to deal with. At the time, the headset had a known problem with losing tracking, which would interrupt our real-time graphics. We turned that from a bug into a fun feature — any time the headset lost tracking, we would have the sticker elements fly off your face using natural physics.

AR for VR

Pushing Device Limits

StickAR was a popular app on the Gear VR store, and provided a showcase of the untapped augmented reality capabilities of the device.