The Stonewall Community Foundation

Motion Video

Scope of Work

Making It Happen

When the Stonewall Community Foundation decided to create a new creative motion video to promote their organization, they turned to the experts at Cubicle Ninjas to build an exciting, dynamic motion piece that tells an emotional story through a combination of kinetic typography, hand-drawn illustration, and bold color choices.

We began with extensive storyboarding, fully developing the look and feel of the animated video before jumping into full-motion elements. The video was conceived as a series of full-screen typographic treatments, using sliding transitions to simulate layers of paper interacting. The finished piece was edited to a dynamic pop song, adding a sense of rhythm to the visuals and emphasizing the emotional storytelling at the video’s core.

The Stonewall Community Foundation used this exciting and shareable video to promote their organization and build awareness of their advocacy work.

Frame 52

The completed text and illustration.

Frame 53

The text is replaced by “With Pride” as the illustration wipes away.

Frame 54

A new background slides up.

Frame 55

“To Walking Down the Street” appears word by word, as a street illustration draws in from the left below it.

Frame 56

The finished text and illustration. The illustration is slightly in front of the text.

Frame 57

The street illustration slides down, as the text changes to “Without Fear”. The blue background gets lighter.