Systems Evolution Inc

Brand Refresh & Web Initiative

Systems Evolution, Inc wanted to build a new, refreshed, and fully modernized website to help connect with their audience and drive their business. For 20+ years, they had done something remarkable: consistently grown a world-class consulting organization without needing ever using a dedicated marketing team. But the time had come when they realized they needed a partner to help take their creative marketing to the next level.

Cubicle Ninjas was honored to step into that role. We started by creating an enhanced brand identity that was built around increasing consultant engagement, differentiating them in their marketplace, and providing a unified set of brand-aligned marketing tools for their nationwide team. From there, we moved into creating a custom website that is functionally intuitive and emotionally impactful, working with the SEI team through content creation, launch support, hosting, and training.

Refreshing the Slides

Before & After

Systems Evolution, Inc. used this new brand identity and website to reposition themselves in the market, increase consultant engagement, and add a full suite of branded materials to their marketing toolkit.