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You have a massive powerpoint presentation next week. You know your topic, but you can’t decide on the best structure to win your audience over. You need a clever approach to bring this information to life. That’s why we’ve created a list of powerpoint presentation ideas that can change the way your audience thinks.

Narrative framing devices can showcase your information in a better light, giving valuable perspective. While a beautiful presentation design is important, it won’t have the same impact if it lacks a compelling hook.

Even the most dull topics can be brought to life with the proper narrative device!

Here are 56 PowerPoint Presentation Ideas to Help Amaze and Delight.

  1. Start with a shocking fact and explain why it matters.
  2. Ask the audience to participate in a shared behavior.
  3. Make a bad joke. Purposefully.
  4. Be controversial. Steer towards areas where others fear.
  5. Reference a current event or pop culture phenomenon, then apply it to your situation.
  6. Summarize thought leaders and give their insight context.
  7. Outline a problem everyone in the audience faces and how to solve it.
  8. Highlight a big assumption. Then prove why it is wrong.
  9. Propose compelling questions and promise answers.
  10. Contrast fiction and fact.
  11. Make a Metaphor or Simile and carry it throughout the presentation.
  12. Talk about a shared mission and your shared goals.
  13. Have a catchy slogan and repeat it.
  14. Focus on data and ways to increase existing results.
  15. Paint a visual picture of an ideal future.
  16. Reveal a shared mystery and a shared answer.
  17. Explore the hidden meaning and origin of a word that is precious to your audience.
  18. Challenge existing beliefs and propose better alternatives.
  19. Use an upcoming technology as a lens to rethink how things work.
  20. Tell a secret you’ve never shared before.
  21. Poll your audience on a relevant topic and make a prediction about their answers.
  22. Showcase how a small change can have massive impact.
  23. Have an audience member flip through a book, select a word, and incorporate that into your speech.
  24. Highlight a famous figure or moment in history and how their thinking relates to your topic.
  25. Talk about a common question you’re asked and thoroughly answer it.
  26. Discuss the path you took to become an expert on your topic and what makes you unique.
  27. Take a live audience poll and promise to take it again at the end to see if you’d changed minds.
  28. Ask social media about the topic beforehand. Reveal their insights.
  29. Pull out a timer. Make your point in less than five minutes.
  30. Reveal the elephant in the room.
  31. Start with the ending. Tell a story backwards.
  32. Ask why repeatedly. Find the real answer.
  33. Talk about a rapidly changing industry and how it can help your audience get ahead of the curve.
  34. Carry something hidden. Reveal it mid-speech.
  35. Show a photo of your children or yourself as a baby. Talk about how the world that baby was born into differs from today.
  36. Act with a friend for a mock conversation or skit.
  37. Make up a new word that describes something only your audience would understand.
  38. Start with quote or poem.
  39. Begin with something infinitely big. For example, the number of stars in the sky or an impossible idea.
  40. Highlight why you’re an unlikely subject matter expert.
  41. Make a big list of ideas, like this one!
  42. Demo it. Live.
  43. Share about someone who you love and why it matters.
  44. Directly point out why the competition is wrong. Then show your unique benefits.
  45. Highlight a massive failure. Showcase how that failure was a catalyst for positive change.
  46. Tell a story from myth or legend.
  47. Rank the top 5 pain points of your audience.
  48. Reveal a person, place, or thing that changed history that we’ve never heard of before.
  49. Promise to give something valuable away for free. Like your time.
  50. Highlight a teacher that changed your perspective and how that applies in today’s topic.
  51. Boil it down to a formula or tagline. Make it impossible to forget.
  52. Illustrate how your topic has changed in the past 100, 25, and 5 years.
  53. Incorporate music.
  54. Invite a member of the audience to join you to answer three questions.
  55. Talk about the worst moment of your life. Then your best. And why these relate to your topic.
  56. Mix it up! Use multiple tactics here to keep your audience guessing.

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Did We Miss Any Interesting Presentation Framing Ideas?

Let us know! Our powerpoint presentation designers are always new ways to amaze and delight, whether in structure of visual appeal. And if you’re still hungry for more presentation tips and tricks check out 25 examples of rhetorical strategies or our eight powerpoint presentation tips that are pure gold.

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