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Cubicle Ninjas is obsessed with solving visual problems that also happen to be wildly technical. This is why we love Sales Enablement applications. It provides the foundation for companies to be more effective. Unfortunately, many of their customers hit a wall when implementing such a focused system. They don’t have the time to tackle the design, development, implementation, and maintenance to make this tool everything it could be.

Over the past year Cubicle Ninjas has doubled down on exploring unique ideas to make this application more effective. After years of refinement we’re proud to announce our Sales Enablement design & development framework. This exclusive functionality will dramatically improve the effectiveness an organization’s sales team, while making global administration of a large instance significantly more streamlined. Our team helps share ideas, customize the technology to your needs, provides brand compliant user interface concepts, and implements sitewide, so you can focus on doing what you love.

What is our framework capable of?

Pop-up_Animated_Accordian Pop-up_Calendars Pop-up_Animated_VerticalHorizDropDown Pop-up_Animated_ImageSliders Pop-up_Animated_Expert Pop-up_Animated_DynamicContent

• Custom Globally Defined Styling
• Advanced widgets (List, Blog, Question widgets)
• Video functionality, with no monthly costs
• Vertical / Horizontal Dropdown Menus
• Editable Banner Widgets
• Accordion Menus
• Tabbed Menus
• Custom Menus
• Pop-ups
• Image Sliders
• Image Lightboxes
• Image Galleries
• Expert Widget
• Alert Boxes
• Process Widgets
• Calendars
• Tooltips
• Improved Tables
• Graphs
• Dynamic Content Areas
• Social Media Widgets
• Custom Button Types
• Poll Widgets
• Widget Header Icons
• Scrolling Widgets
• Fixed Menu Items
• Desktop Shortcuts
• Advanced Edit View
• Image or Icon Libraries
• Slider Widgets
• Advanced Widget Rules
• Access to our knowledge library

Change the way you think of Sales Enablement applications. If you like what you see we’d be honored to have a share our ideas to solve your sales enablement challenges.

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