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Businesses are fairytales. They’re really unbelievably optimistic when you think about it. People bound to a logo, moving in unison, and held together because of small stack of legal filings? It doesn’t sound possible in the real world.

Yet these people move mountains. These giants shape our future and give context to our present. They make magic. So whatever story they they tell themselves to work together, they believe it so much they’re willing to give the majority of their lives at this greater goal.

What is your business’ story? One where you save the world from itself. One where without your hard work we’re all doomed. It should leave me wanting more, hoping I’d have a chance to brush up against you in the elevator filled with questions. Make me a believer.

Because when I understand why you really matter, I’ll make your goal my own. And when you head home for the day your doors will still be open, lovingly tended after in the hearts of those that were inspired by a simple tale.


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