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The True ROI of Design

All over the world, researchers have collected data to find that great design truly does pay off. Most businesses don’t see the importance of investing in design, believing it’s a waste of money. But the smart businesses know that good design is what it takes to drive higher growth and revenue. In this video, will go over some of the data found around the world on the ROI of design.

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roi design

Not a fan of video? Here’s the transcript:

If you walk through the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame, feel the beveled edges of your smartphone, or just admire the artwork on your favorite bottle of wine, there’s no denying it: good design is beautiful.

But most companies aren’t in the business of just looking pretty: they’re in the business of making money. And in a time of shrinking budgets and pressure to deliver value for the dollar, it can be hard to justify spending money on prettiness.

But wait! There’s more to good design than meets the eye. Below the surface, good design has a major impact on driving growth and revenue. When you account for this hidden value, design stops being a cost and instead becomes an investment in your business.

So how do we know that design pays off? By measuring the Return on Investment, or “ROI” of design. Around the world, researchers have dug into the data and all come to the same conclusion: strong design and strong growth go hand in hand.

Let’s take a trip, shall we?

Copenhagen, Denmark – 2003 – a study showed that companies that invested in design had 40% higher growth.

In 2007, a study in LONDON showed a 125% return for every dollar invested in design.

And the list goes on… (titles with study info appear on the side)






In each city, the results were clear: a little bit of investment in design turns into a big payoff in revenue and growth.

Your competitors might think that spending money on design is a waste of money, but smart business people think differently. They’re able to see design not as an unwanted expense, but as an investment in their company that has been repeatedly proven to pay off.

So take pride in your brand, think about the big picture, and invest in your future.

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  • Noname says:

    Of course most companies know that design add value to your product. The problem is that they don’t know how to measure the impact and determine the budget. Also design has also to do with personal taste and it’s difficult to assign resources to that .

    • Josh Farkas says:

      We haven’t found this to be true.

      Quite a few companies don’t see design as an integral part of their process. For them, it is an added expense only focusing on making things ‘pretty’ at the end. The more we can inform them up front to think holistically, with design being a key piece up front, the greater value design can deliver.

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