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insanely clever logo designs

Unbelievably Clever Logo Designs

You probably see hundreds of logos a day — and forget just as many of them! These days, it’s hard to create a logo design that cuts through the stream of information and makes a memorable impression on viewers. That’s why these unbelievably clever logo designs are an inspiration for what you can achieve by using creative, outside-the-box design.


Clever Logo Designs1. 2024 Summer Olympics

Creating a memorable logo doesn’t have to be complex — sometimes it just means keeping things simple, clean, and clever. The logo for the upcoming Summer Olympics, reveals 2, 4, and a silhouette of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

unbelievably clever logo designs

2. Pepperhorn

This logo for Pepperhorn is another example of using the two elements of a company’s name to create a unified logo.

clever logo designs

3. Greenlabs

Greenlabs plays up both their intelligence and their focus on ecology by combining a brain and a tree into this unique and memorable logo.

clever logos

4. Australian Pork

Australian Pork found a creative way to combine the two unique features of their brand — their home country and a pig’s nose — into another one of our favorite unbelievably clever logo designs.

design clever logos

5. Iron Duck Clothing

It’s a tough task to make a logo that marries together the concepts of ducks and fashion, but in the hands of a talented designer nothing is impossible. Here, Iron Duck Clothing pulls together imagery of a duck and a hanger to create a unique and memorable logo.

unbelievable logo designs

6. Wine Searcher

A major part of creative logo design is finding visual concepts that speak to all elements of a brand’s identity. Here, Wine Searcher has pulled together wine bottles and glasses to create a charming logo that speaks to these two different concepts.

unique logo designs

7. Le Tour de France

By thinking outside the box, you can really make your typography come to life. That’s just what Le Tour de France did here by turning the letter R into a sleek cyclist image.

unbelievably smart logo designs

8. Magic Coffee

Is it a cup of coffee on a saucer or a magic hat? It’s both! Once again, we see how design can play with our expectations and our visual perception in a simple yet elegant logo.

really clever logo designs

9. Sushi

How do you take a simple concept and turn it into something visually appealing and evocative? Well, one of the tricks you’ll see in these unbelievably clever logo designs is the use of hidden imagery, like turning the letter H into a set of chopsticks with a tasty sushi morsel inside them.

logo designs clever

10. Yoga Australia

The creative use of negative space is an underappreciated aspect of creative logo design. While you might miss it at first, a careful examination of this logo will eventually reveal the secret image created by the open space between our yoga model’s arms and body.

unbelievably clever logos

11. Lion Bird

This logo for Lion Bird is a great example of putting together two different shapes in a single logo. As you can see, this logo has both a bird and a lion’s face that alternately pop out based on what you’re focusing on.

smart clever logo designs

12. Helping Hands for Pets

Here’s a good example of a logo that keeps drawing the viewer in through creative use of negative space and embedded imagery. In just a few seconds, you can understand the mission of the company as well as all the types of animals they serve. Now that’s good logo design!

logo designs that are unbelievably clever

13. Snake

Some of the most unbelievably clever logo designs offer viewers a reward for looking a little closer, like this logo, which has artfully hidden a snake inside their clean typographical design.

logo designs that are smart

14. Beats

While you almost certainly recognize this logo, there’s a good chance you might have missed the secret image hidden in it. Take a closer look — do you see it? In the white circle, the “b” forms the lower part of a headphone earbud. Sometimes, clever logo designs can be invisible — even to people who have seen it hundreds of times.

interesting logo designs

15. The Guild of Food Writers

Here’s a great example of a logo telling the whole story of a brand in just a few simple strokes. As soon as you look at this logo, you can immediately see a spoon and a pen, which encapsulates the essence of The Guild of Food Writers.

logos with clever meanings

16. Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a does a great job of showing how a logo can be clever while still retaining a sense of playfulness. By incorporating a cartoon chicken into their logo, they connect viewers both to their product as well as the family-friendly culture of their restaurants.

unique clever logo designs

17. Circus of Magazines

Using a simple black-and-white design, this logo artfully combines two concepts into a single visually appealing logo. This is exactly the kind of work that will get you onto a list of the most unbelievably clever logo designs!

smart logos

18. Ninety Percent

Just by nudging the top circle a little bit to the right, the designer here was able to create a clever and memorable logo that clearly conveys the brand’s identity in a simple, easy-to-remember format.

unique logos

19. Cisco

You have probably heard of Cisco, but you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about their logo. But if you look at the lines in the logo, you can see a hidden homage to their hometown of San Francisco as the lines to replicate the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Now, you are never going to be able to see anything other than that when you see this logo!

intelligent logo designs

20. Backspace

With a name like Backspace, the logo concepts make themselves! You can see that the A is missing in the name, and the cursor at the end subconsciously compels viewers to hit the backspace key. This is a great example of connecting with viewers on a higher level through clever branding.

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